The fall light

reaches out

waning in September 

extracting heat

chlorophyll drops.


Hills of landscape meet

blue green crops

cider brown, ginger gold

crunch our boot soles.


White blue sky

in water, lake and eyes

cool brushes summer skin,

burning leaves breathe in

warming our furnace heart

November releases its cold start.  


Diane C Reitz

The Precision of Geese


Looking up toppling trees 

geese form a perfect “V”

they know their place

and evaluate their space

allowed to their own device

every sway aligned to the bay

geese instinctively will say,

“ We want to veer over here.”

Landing as an evening guest

on a lake, pond or a bit beyond

eventually to a southern lawn

searching for their feathery best

the geese’s annual precise rest.  

Diane C Reitz

New Used Shoes

Have a new used pair of shoes to use

Tapping on the floor all the way out the door

Out into the mountainous blue
many new journeys will ensue

Many lives lived in these shoes
not minding how they were used

Shoes with a mind of their own
wherever they walk, finding a new way home

Pass them on these leather shoes
becoming new again for you to use.   




Keep Swinging

You try
To do your best
To stay on top of things
Sometimes there's a swing and a miss
Despite all life's curve balls
Your average
Ain't bad

© L. Whitefeather 2021

mind warp

our world
it seems so tired
its fauna and flora
even the earth - rock, water, wind
pushing thru space and time
people panic
mind warp

© L. Whitefeather 2021

In Memory of Poets


There once were Poets of Big Bend

Who met to read poems they penned,

but too much inaction

made them a mere fraction

and caused them to come to an end.

Pat Stanford

From A Motley Miscellany; Misfit Poems That Fit Together



I had a thought –

it went away.

I had a wake

for it today.


It came, it went;

I could not recall

what I had thought

before at all.


I mourn this thought

as though a friend.

So many thoughts

have found such an end.

Pat Stanford

From A Motley Miscellany; Misfit Poems That Fit Together